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Hazardous Location Light

A hazardous location is defined as the presence of a specific concentration of fuel in an environment where electric service is also available. They include: Flammable Gases and Liquids, which have an ignitable range of concentration, and Dust/Fibers and Flyings, which are combustible.

Stray sparks can set off a buildup of flammable gasses and materials, which is why having explosion proof lighting (hazardous area led lighting) is important. We have several explosion proof fixtures that will give you great lighting while also allowing you to take your mind off your hardware. Our hazardous location led light fixtures use powerful LED technology to help create widespread illumination while minimizing risk.

Hazardous locations can be defined as highly industrialized areas with harsh & hazardous environments that may contain explosive vapors & gases, and as a result, have specialized lighting requirements.