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Explosion Proof Junction Box
  • MXJB-01 Ex Proof Junction Box

    Explosion-proof junction boxes have a strong waterproof, dustproof,flameproof, acid and alkali resistant, grease resistant.
    Explosion-proof junction boxes add an explosion-proof function on the based of normal junction boxes.It is with super-strong sealing performance to ensure the safe use of cabl...
  • MXJB-02 Explosion-Proof Control Button

    Each explosion-proof control button is only equipped with one normally open or normally closed button contact, if you need to install one normally open and one normally closed Button contact, to be specified.
    The components of explosion-proof control button adopt the top-loading method, the layout ...
  • OBAZ 51 Explosion Proof Junction Box

    The shell structure of OBAZ 51 explosion proof junction box is compact and reasonable, the material density is high, the strength is good, and the explosion-proof performance is excellent;
    The plastic powder on the surface of OBAZ 51 explosion proof junction box has strong adhesion, good anti-corro...