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Explosion Proof Portable Lighting


Explosion Proof Portable Lighting (portable explosion proof lamp) is ideal for remote lighting in hazardous areas such as roadway chemical spills, accident scenes, and explosive industrial environments.

Hazardous Location Lights: This category features, LED Portable Explosion Proof Lights are battery operated and other intrinsically safe lighting products. Explosion proof portable led lighting is  used in areas where petrochemical or dust particles have the potential to exist and the possibility of ignition is possible.

These areas include offshore lights, rig lights, spray booths, cleaning vessels, fuel cells, plant turn around, marine work areas, grain storage, dust, or munitions.

  • MXJW 5142 explosion proof headlamp

    MXJW 5142 explosion proof headlamp uses imported LED solid-state light source, high light efficiency, life 100000 hours.
    Internal circuit design of explosion proof headlamps with functions of preventing overcharge, the counter-attack filling device.
    Small volume, but wearing a superior, with cap b...
  • MXJW 5145 explosion proof headlamp

    Short press the switch button every time the lamp, the brightness of the flashlight will cycle according to "strong light → working light → shutdown". When the explosion proof headlamp is in any mode, press and hold the button for 35 seconds and the explosion proof headlamp will enter the strobe sta...
  • MXJW 5147 explosion proof headlamp

    The explosion proof headlamp has anti-misoperation function. If the time of pressing the switch is less than 0.2 seconds, it will not change the lighting or extinguishing state of the lamp;
    The explosion proof headlamp has a variety of ways to wear, can be held, waist hanging, hanging and head wear...
  • MXJW 5150 explosion proof headlamp

    lithium explosion proof headlamp circuit using polymer PTC microelectronic chip composed of automatic power failure and automatic short circuit protection device safety circuit.
    lithium explosion proof headlamp, LED light source working time is up to 12 hours, during the whole life of the bulb trou...
  • MX-KL5LM explosion proof headlamp

    MX-KL5LM explosion proof headlamp adopts LED light source, with high luminous efficiency and long service life. It is unnecessary to replace the light source during the service life of mine lamp.
    Using manganese acid lithium ion battery, the battery is fully sealed structure, does not leak liquid, ...
  • MX-KLW5LM explosion proof headlamp

    Coal mine with portable lighting tools, with methane overrun alarm function.
    MX-KLW5LM explosion proof headlamp is composed of lamp holder, cable alarm circuit, sensor element, and battery group.
  • MXJW 5123 explosion proof searchlight

    The light source uses white LED light source with super high brightness;
    The explosion proof searchlight adopts high-tech surface treatment technology with high reflective elciency and the irradiation distance can reach more than 1000 meters;
    Explosion proof searchlight has the charging methods of ...
  • MXJW 5126 explosion proof searchlight

    MXJW 5126 explosion proof searchlight adopts imported high brightness white LED with low energy consumption and high light efficiency, the life up to 100,000 hours, the light is soft and no glare.
  • MXJW 5127 explosion proof searchlight

    MXJW 5127 explosion proof searchlight adopts imported solid-state LED light source for illumination, with high brightness and long life, and the concentration of concentrated light can reach more than 50 meters.
  • MXJW 5129 explosion proof searchlight

    Professional design of high-hardness alloy casing to ensure that explosion proof searchlight can withstand strong impact; waterproof and high temperature resistance, high humidity performance,the explosion proof searchlight can be used in a variety of harsh environments and climatic conditions.
  • MXJW 5132 explosion proof searchlight

    Explosion proof searchlights use solid-state maintenance-free LED light source, high light efficiency, good light concentration, and an average service life of up to 100,000 hours;
    Explosion proof searchlights adopt the new reflective system design, the light effect is good, the light is well conce...
  • MXJW 5136 explosion proof searchlight

    The precise structure and special imported materials ensure that the MXJW 5136 explosion proof searchlights can withstand strong collision;MXJW 5136 explosion proof searchlights​ can work normally under water.
  • MXJW 5141 explosion proof searchlight

    Explosion proof searchlight adopts the solid-state maintenance-free LED light source with high luminous elciency, lifetime up to 100,000 hours; it has working light and strong light two working modes,and can be switched at will.
  • MXJW 5172 explosion proof searchlight

    12w spotlight floodlight signal light with power display with magnetic adsorption;
    According to the needs of lighting, the MXJW 5172 explosion proof searchlight head can be turned up to a maximum of 90 degrees and down to a maximum of 10 degrees.
  • MXJW 5282 explosion proof searchlight

    The lithium battery with high energy, memory-free and super-large capacity has low self-discharge rate and longest duration of 80 hours. MXJW 5282 explosion proof searchlight has the functions of power display and low power alarm. It can keep abreast of the power status at all times. The MXJW 5282 e...