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Explosion Proof Warning Alarm Light

Explosion-proof warning alarm light (also known as fire sound and light alarm,explosion proof alarm light) is a non-coded alarm, which is suitable for installation in explosive gas environment places with ⅡC (ⅡB) grade T6 temperature group. When an accident or fire occurs at the production site , The control signal sent by the fire alarm controller starts the sound and light alarm circuit, sends out sound and light alarm signals, and completes the alarm purpose. The alarm can also be used in conjunction with the manual alarm button to achieve simple sound and light alarm purposes. The alarm can be matched with the fire alarm controller of any manufacturer at home and abroad. The explosion proof warning alarm light uses a super bright LED light-emitting tube, which is clearly visible at 360 degrees.

1. The shell is made of ZL102 aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic spray;

2. Toughened glass cover, stainless steel exposed fasteners, protective net cover with galvanized surface spray, double anti-corrosion;

3. The toughened glass cover has strong impact resistance, and there are red, yellow, blue and other colors to choose from;


1. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble with electricity in flammable and explosive places.

2. Do not damage the explosion proof warning alarm light surface during installation, and keep it clean. The fastening screws of the explosion-proof surface should be tightened evenly, and the explosion-proof surface should not be mixed with foreign matter.

3. For long-term use, it is necessary to regularly check whether the performance of the alarm is intact. If explosion proof alarm light fails or is damaged, it must be repaired by professionals.