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LED Explosion Proof Linear Light

Explosion-proof linear light is the ideal choice for marine and hazardous applications requiring a linear design. Its rugged construction with stands strong vibrations,saltwater, corrosive elements and hazardousenvironments while the streamlined design sheds water.It can be mounted on ceilings or walls using a pair of stainless steel mounting brackets.

LED explosion proof linear light is designed for use in hazardous locations and flammable buildings that require ATEX/IECEx rated fixtures.

LED explosion proof linear light is constructed of non-sparking materials for protection in flammable work sites and highly resistant to rough impacts.

Explosion Proof linear lighting fixtures are designed for low profile mounting, surface mounting, and pendant installation. Available in 2ft. and 4ft. Used in petrochemical, metallurgy, power station, etc with explosive gas or combustible dust in dangerous environments; oil and Gas refineries; Wastewater treatment, oil and gas refineries, drilling rigs, petrochemical facilities, food and beverage facilities, tunnels, outdoor walls, and stanchion mounted general area lighting.

  • MXEL 8192-300 Explosion proof linear light

    Explosion proof linear light are light fixtures that are specially designed to withstand the high heat and pressure that can exist in the event of an explosion in an area.
  • MXEL 8192-600 Explosion proof linear light

    MXEL 8192-600 Explosion proof linear lights can be used in the hazardous location. Places that could be prone to accidents and hazards where flammable liquids or products, or high dust areas with combustible dust or gases are present, pose a much higher risk of exploding when exposed to the heat giv...