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We all know that paint is a flammable chemical. When the paint reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will burn and explode when it encounters a high-temperature open flame. The spray booth is the place where the paint does not exist.


The fire hazard of the spray booth workshop is related to the type of paint used, the method and amount of spray booth, and the conditions of the spray booth location. Where flammable paints and organic solvents are used, the danger of explosion and fire is greater. Explosion and fire accidents will cause serious loss of life and property, and seriously affect the normal production.    
Explosion-proof lamps refer to lamps that take various specific measures to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures, such as explosive gas atmospheres, explosive dust atmospheres, gas gases, etc. That is to say, the led explosion-proof lamp is in contact with explosive gas, there is no possibility of combustion and explosion, and it can play an explosion-proof role.    
We have contacts with many spray booth decoration companies. There are spray booths all over the world. For example, those that spray paint equipment, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and cars, etc., all use explosion-proof lamps, but What kind of explosion-proof lamp is good for the spray booth, and what are the requirements for the lamp?


When selecting explosion-proof lamps, we must first figure out what the lighting requirements are for the spray booth.
1. The spray booth is a dangerous place, and explosion-proof lights must be installed, and the explosion-proof lights must have the corresponding EX explosion-proof certificate and inspection report.
     2. The lighting requirements for the spray booth must be met, neither too bright nor too weak. If it is too bright, the staff who spray paint inside will find it dazzling, and if it is too weak, they will not be able to see clearly.
     3. It depends on the color rendering index. Nowadays, many LED explosion-proof lamps are positive white light, and the color rendering index is only about 80%, while the requirement for spray paint booths should reach more than 96%. Otherwise, the sprayed color will be a little flowery. It looks very uniform when sprayed, but it is wrong to take it outside under natural light.
Be sure to pay attention when choosing, of course, some equipment requirements are not so high, but the requirements for aluminum alloy doors and windows are relatively high.


4. There are still some spray booths that require relatively high color rendering index, such as some aluminum alloy doors and windows spray paint, etc. Last time, a customer in Quzhou, who specializes in painting aluminum alloy doors and windows, brought it up. He said that in the house Spray paint, it doesn't look like flowers, but it looks like flowers when you take it outside. This is the problem of the light of the lamps and lanterns.
The color rendering index of the lamps in the spray booth can reach more than 96%, because the color rendering index of general LED lamps is only about 80%, and more than 96% need to be customized.

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