Military Enterprise

Military enterprises have extremely strict requirements on the explosion-proof performance of lamps. The lamps are required to have good shock resistance, waterproof, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the lamps used are not only for lighting functions, but also for safety and reliability.
Our lighting products focus on three aspects to bring you value: safety production guarantee, production efficiency improvement, energy saving and emission reduction.

LED energy-saving lighting fixtures for military enterprise

It can ensure that the production personnel and equipment of the enterprise are safer during the production process. Our lamps fully meet and exceed the standard requirements of GB3836 to ensure that the lamps are explosion-proof and reliable. At the same time, they are precisely combined with the user's usage habits to prevent light pollution and glare from affecting work and ensure safe production.
Reliable task lighting is critical to productivity. Every production link is closely linked, and reliable working lighting at night provides guarantee for continuous production.
The whole society has realized that reducing environmental pollution and resource waste is an important guarantee for human survival, and the state has also promulgated environmental protection laws to restrict resource waste or destruction. However, traditional lighting products not only have low brightness and affect the quality of work, but also consume a lot of energy.


The use of new LED energy-saving lighting fixtures can quickly and thoroughly solve the problem. Our lighting products can add value in the form of auxiliary services in your production process. For the above-mentioned series of problems, the following products can be safely and reliably used in such lighting scenarios.

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