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Power Grid

The lighting fixtures used in power plants should be selected according to the conditions of different areas of the power plant, and lamps of different specifications should be selected. Thermal power plants are mainly composed of four key components, namely boilers, steam turbines, condensers, and generators.

LED explosion-proof lamp used in power plants

Fuel combustion converts chemical energy into thermal energy to heat the water in the boiler into steam, and then the thermal energy of the steam drives the steam turbine to do work, converting the thermal energy into mechanical energy, and then the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the generator, thus completing the entire power generation process.
The boiler platform in the power plant is a high-temperature environment. When selecting lamps, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant lamps should be selected. The steam turbine in the power plant will convert heat energy into mechanical energy. During this process, the steam turbine is constantly running, and the whole environment is also in vibration, so it is necessary to choose lamps with high reliability.
The condenser is mainly used to condense the water vapor discharged from the low-pressure cylinder, increase desalted water and pump air, etc. A large amount of water vapor will be generated in this process, so the choice of lamps should be biased towards lamps with good waterproof performance.

LED explosion-proof lamp used in power plants

The generator belongs to the electrical equipment of the power plant, and the selection of lighting fixtures for electrical equipment is mainly explosion-proof.  
The raw materials for power generation in thermal power plants generally include coal, fuel oil, gas, waste heat and other resources. 95% of the power plants in Shandong Province are thermal power plants, and the main raw material for power generation is coal.  
Thermal power plants consume a huge amount of coal. According to statistics, coal consumption in power plants accounts for about 25% of the country's total coal output. In addition to coal transportation costs and a large amount of water, the production cost is 3 to 4 times higher than that of hydropower. Coal resources are getting less and less now, so we must save energy from all aspects. For example, it is best to choose energy-saving lamps in the choice of lighting fixtures in power plants.  
The control heat dissipation function of explosion-proof lights is very strong. In summer, it is generally controlled below 45 degrees Celsius, which is not easy to be burned out, and the heat dissipation can be controlled artificially to ensure sufficient heat dissipation. safety.


Through the above introduction, we know that the explosion-proof lamp is very useful, and it has many advantages. What is more worth mentioning is that the quality of the LED explosion-proof lamp is reliable, and the circuit power supply uses high-quality explosion-proof Type explosion-proof lamp components, and all have over-current protection, with so many safety guarantees, there is no need to worry about being damaged. Therefore, these explosion-proof lights can work in dangerous environments.

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