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Explosion accidents occur frequently, can "explosion-proof technology" escort safety?
 Dec 13, 2022|View:166

On October 26, gas leaked from a chemical plant in Shandong, causing deflagration; on October 24, explosions occurred in a university laboratory in Nanjing and a residential building in Dalian, resulting in 4 deaths and 16 injuries. This is just a microcosm of explosions of varying degrees in recent years. Previous incidents such as the explosion of a tank truck in Wenling, Zhejiang, the fire of a gas pipeline in an enterprise in Inner Mongolia, and the explosion of a natural gas in a community in Taichung City, Taiwan, were shocking, each of which caused significant loss of life, property and economics.

According to statistics, in the past two years, there have been 1,270 news of gas accidents alone, and more than 1,402 people have been killed or injured due to explosions. This also makes the industry think: In addition to safety education and knowledge popularization, whether technological innovation can provide new solutions for the explosion-proof industry.
At present, the more popular directions mainly include: introducing explosion-proof inspection robots to eliminate the material conditions for combustion and explosion accidents; using new material coatings or explosion-proof products to isolate and eliminate ignition sources; developing intelligent detection equipment and AI monitoring systems to improve areas Environmental fortification measures to reduce losses caused by combustion and explosion accidents.
At present, the domestic explosion-proof industry chain is mainly concentrated on the level of explosion-proof electrical appliances, that is, for different application scenarios, such as mining explosion-proof, dust explosion-proof, household explosion-proof, various explosion-proof equipment are derived, such as switches, lamps, instruments, mechanical devices, etc. At the same time, there are also a group of innovative companies in security, robotics and other fields, providing products and services with explosion-proof functions, such as research and development of explosion-proof materials and equipment, design of explosion-proof batteries, or safety services for combustible gas monitoring systems.
In a narrow sense, oil fields, chemical industry, coal mines and other places are full of various flammable and explosive substances. In order to avoid explosion accidents or limit explosions within a controllable range during actual operation, the All kinds of electrical equipment are professionally designed to control and isolate the possible high temperature and electric sparks, which is a major focus of explosion protection.
The upstream raw materials of explosion-proof electrical appliances are aluminum products, steel products, light source parts, etc. Generally speaking, the upstream market is fully competitive and the price is relatively stable. The downstream of the explosion-proof electrical industry is petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, natural gas and other fields, and changes in downstream demand have a greater impact on the explosion-proof electrical industry.

Based on the continuous increase in the demand for safety production, including petrochemicals with strong periodicity, due to the existence of a huge inventory market, the replacement demand occupies an important part, and the demand for explosion-proof electrical appliances maintains a stable growth overall.