Gas Station

Usually we all know that gas stations and gas stations are relatively dangerous places. There must be no sparks in the gas station. Because when the car is refueled at the gas station, the gasoline will emit a very small amount of dangerous gas while passing through the oil pipeline. We all know that the ignition point of gasoline is extremely low, and an unextinguished spark can ignite it without an open flame. So in such a dangerous place, the lighting fixtures it uses must be high-level explosion-proof lamps that require explosion-proof. Because of the sealing performance of explosion-proof lamps. It can completely eliminate the dangerous gas emitted from the interior of the lamp body and the entire space of the gas station. In order to achieve the explosion proof lighting and lanterns, the disaster of igniting the external environment occurs.

Explosion Proof Light used for gas station

The traditional gas station lighting only provides the light source used in gas station lighting, the efficiency is low and the lamps also lack a good optical light distribution design, which often makes customers feel very dazzling, especially when entering the gas station from a dark road, resulting in unpleasant Feel.    
Low-quality lighting is not only not conducive to environmental protection, wastes energy, but also affects the source of customers and the willingness to park and refuel at gas stations, and also reduces the work efficiency of employees.


The first priority of a gas station is to create a sense of safety and brightness for customers to attract customers. Like a 24-hour convenience store that is very bright at night, customers feel at ease and safe. Good customer service starts from the moment the customer enters the gas station. The uniform light distribution and reasonable illumination on the site create a good and comfortable feeling for the customer. At night or on a rainy day, a good light source that gives people a bright feeling is the best way to please customers. first element.    
 If things go on like this, when customers see PetroChina gas stations, they will feel happy from the heart, and then attract customers to come to refuel and patronize. Therefore, in the development trend of the gas station market in the future, lighting should grasp the following points in terms of function:    
1.Attract the attention of customers: Bright and easily identifiable signs will attract attention and give customers a sense of trust and security.    
2.Establish brand effect: use the lights at night to strengthen the brand and promote the concept of marketing, and fully display the brand image of the gas station.


3.Pleasant consumption experience: The main purpose of customers visiting gas stations is to refuel, and at the same time they will take a short break, shopping, car washing and other activities by the way. A good gas station lighting environment will bring customers a pleasant consumption experience, and they will visit or choose the same brand of gas stations next time.    
4. The scope of gas station lighting design: including gas station lighting, other such as gas station image marker lighting, import and export square road (including guidance) lighting, convenience store lighting, petroleum products that are flammable, volatile, and permeable Leakage, easy to accumulate static charge characteristics. Gas stations must establish the idea of "safety first".

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